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  Offering solo, duo, trio, and full band shows, Liston has connected himself to a group of talented musicians he refers to as “The Music Family”.  Successfully merging the elements of Blues, Country, and Soul the band consistently presents an authentic and undeniable sound.  Always quick to spread the love when asked about any musical accomplishment, Liston says, “I have made it a point to surround myself with gifted musicians.  These performers are incredible at their craft and always bring their best to each show.  I am fortunate to have such wonderful friends to collaborate with in this business.”  Together they can be found tapping into multiple instruments including guitar, saxophone, trumpet, harmonica, percussion, fiddle, and banjo, crossing various genres to accommodate the needs of each event.


  Gritty Flyright has produced 3 original tracks: Statesman’s Plea, Tripping Through The Fall, and Spartanburg County Bound, leaving no room for doubt where the inspiration is drawn from.  “Both sides of the family are rooted here in South Carolina and I’ve had the privilege to call this great state my home for 37 years.  Seems like I’m just sharing stories as we put the words to music.  Definitely locally inspired.”  Now with his debut album "Tales of the Famously Unknown" released May 6th, 2022 Liston continues to retell the seasons of his life with an honest collection of work. Fiddle player and close friend Boyd Richardson says, "Wes pours his heart and soul into the songs he writes and welcomes you to experience the raw emotions that he has for his music.  It's incredibly relatable and you feel what he's singing about whether you're on the stage with him or not." 


  Whether it's at a public venue near you or in your own backyard, Gritty Flyright is going to deliver a professional performance that not only serves your event, but also a show that covers a wide variety of music in a way you've never heard before!  Listen to Gritty Flyright on all major platforms including Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube and Tik Tok.  Follow Gritty Flyright on Instagram and Facebook to stay connected with future shows, announcements, and upcoming opportunities!

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