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Wesley Ryan Liston, known professionally as Gritty Flyright, is an American singer-songwriter and storyteller. With shows ranging from the acoustic listening room experience to a full band performance with “The Music Family” you can hear echoes of classic and outlaw country, touches of soul and blues, and the true essence of what it is to be a working class American artist. The eighth generation South Carolina native takes inspiration from his upbringing in the hills of Woodruff down to the coast of Charleston, where he currently resides. Gritty’s songs beautifully reflect his own southern experience while also speaking to many of the issues that affect us all, such as love and loss, issues of sobriety, or the polarization of our society. Unpretentious and honest himself, Gritty Flyright’s debut album, “Tales Of The Famously Unknown” delivers 10 tracks that are exactly that. Unpretentious and honest. True to himself, true to his home, and true in his music. The Country/Americana Artist can be found traveling the Southeast with an EP set to release Summer of 2024.

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